Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board

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Schedule Overview

Public Meetings

The board usually meets on the third Tuesday and Wednesday of the month. Ad hoc meetings may be called at the discretion of the Secretary of Transportation.

NOTE: If there is an interruption in the video broadcast of the meeting, call 804-832-9292. 

2021 Schedule

Date Event Location
July 20 10 a.m.- workshop VDOT auditorium
July 21 9 a.m.- action meeting VDOT auditorium
August No meeting
Sept.14 10 a.m.- workshop VDOT auditorium
Sept. 15 9 a.m.- action meeting VDOT auditorium
Oct.19 10 a.m.- workshop VDOT auditorium
Oct. 20 9 a.m.- action meeting VDOT auditorium
November No meeting
Dec. 8 9 a.m.– One-day  action/workshop meeting