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SMART SCALE: Funding the Right Transportation Projects in Virginia


Virginia’s SMART SCALE (§33.2-21.4) is about picking the right transportation projects for funding and ensuring the best use of limited tax dollars. It is the method of scoring planned projects included in VTrans that are funded by HB 1887. Transportation projects are scored based on an objective, outcome-based process that is transparent to the public and allows decision-makers to be held accountable to taxpayers. Once projects are scored and prioritized, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) has the best information possible to select the right projects for funding.


Virginia’s SMART SCALE Process includes five overarching steps, as identified in the figure below. The preliminary step requires project sponsors to determine their eligibility prior to beginning the SMART SCALE applications process. The final step in the prioritization process includes programming of selected projects.

Program Funding

Funding for project prioritization comes from two main pathways — the construction District Grants Program (DGP) and the High-Priority Projects Program (HPPP) – both established in 2015 under the Code of Virginia §33.2-358. The DGP is open only to localities. Projects applying for the DGP funds compete with other projects from the same construction district. Projects applying for HPP funds compete with projects from across the Commonwealth. A project sponsor may request funding under both programs.