Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board

Message from the Secretary of Transportation


Welcome to the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s (CTB) website.

We are the seventeen-member board that is responsible for Virginia’s multi-modal transportation system. Appointed by the governor, we set policies, allocate funding and oversee Virginia’s transportation program.

On this website, you will find information about the CTB, current board members, major transportation initiatives, Virginia’s Six-Year Improvement Program, ways to follow our work (meeting agendas, meeting materials, live streaming, etc.), and ways to engage in our work.

This website also includes the latest information on how we are revolutionizing transportation. Virginia made transportation history last June when the CTB voted to fully fund the first wave of infrastructure projects that were scored and selected based on an objective, data-driven process called SMART SCALE.

Never before has the state had a way to select the right transportation projects that generate the most benefit for the money. This common sense, pragmatic approach to funding projects is the core of good governance led by Governor Terry McAuliffe, with bipartisan support from the General Assembly. It took an all-out collaborative effort, along with extensive participation from localities and regional bodies across the state, to launch project prioritization.

SMART SCALE scores projects based on the following critical factors: safety, congestion mitigation, accessibility, land use, economic development and the environment. Once projects are scored, the CTB has the information it needs to make the best decisions on which projects to fund and include in the Six-Year Improvement Plan (SYIP), which is updated annually. Once projects are in the program, they are funded through construction.

In the past, projects were often partially funded, dragging out the construction timeframe and increasing costs. Politics and wish lists determined what got built. No more. Projects are scored based on their merits and value and once they are selected, they are built.

In addition to SMART SCALE, the old transportation funding formula is revamped to get the most out of public resources. About half the money goes to new construction under SMART SCALE and the other half funds deteriorated bridges and pavements, called State of Good Repair.

Since the CTB makes the final decisions on project selection and funding, it is important members do so without undue political pressure. Another facet of the new transportation law is CTB members no longer serve at the pleasure of the governor and can only be removed for cause.

With these game-changing reforms in place, Virginians should expect to experience a better transportation system, one that funds the right projects, empowers localities to select projects that best benefit their residents and enables the state to enter into the right deal for the taxpayers of Virginia.

We welcome your participation, input and suggestions as we are here to serve you.

Together, we will keep Virginia’s new economy moving forward.